So here’s the thing…

I’ve come to the conclusion that my mum is no longer my friend.
I need someone to tell this to and my tumblr seemed to be the only one worth sharing these things to.
I saw my good friend/ex that is in rehab on Saturday.
I still didn’t know a lot about him and I find it hard to think that I never will.
His dad and I got to know each other well during the Hour and a half ride there. To the rehab place.
I found out that things are worse than I knew or thought I knew.
He’s been passed out with bottles of cough syrup and medicines alike empty and on the floor.
He’s been through a lot and I still don’t know what started it all.
He steals…
He stole when I was there.
I saw a bottle of cough syrup fall onto the grass and nearly cried.
But I didn’t.
He did.
He told me how sorry he was.
He didn’t want me to go.
I’m moving across the country in About one week.
I miss him like hell.